Pay for Next Year, Start Using ET Now

I’m particularly proud of ExitTicket’s latest effort to make our real-time formative assessment system more accessible to schools. As an instructional technology specialist myself, trying to introduce new tools at the start of the school year -some of the craziest time for faculty- is a daunting prospect. Well, we’ve got a special, second semester offer for schools: Buy next year’s subscription and start using ExitTicket’s premium features, including our incredible administrative features, right now. Introduce ExitTicket to your faculty this term so next year they can hit the ground running with a cutting-edge assessment system.

ExitTicket is also introducing more resources so schools can take advantage of our best offers and strategy guides.

The Rollout will continue to expand. The single page includes details about why ExitTicket is being recognized as the market leader in mastery-based, micro formative assessments, what our best deal is on school subscriptions, and how you can empower your faculty’s instructional strategies with a new approach to formative assessment. This page reflects the lessons we’ve learned as our team continues to coach teachers around the world on using the immediate results from a handful of questions to differentiate and accelerate the learning process.