How Sabal Point Elementary Students Ran a $23,172 Fundraiser

The amount of money raised by Sabal Point Elementary isn’t their only major feat. During their 17-day fundraiser with Learn2Earn, students read 155,720 minutes—something we are incredibly proud.

It’s important to note that this success didn’t come without hard work and effort from everyone involved. Though our fundraising platform, Reading-Raiser, requires only one or two volunteers, the strategy used by these few volunteers at Sabal Point is what lead to such a huge victory. We wanted to share this strategy with the ExitTicket community.

I think you get back what you put into it. If you go that extra mile, you get that back.

– Sabal Point Elementary’s self-proclaimed, go-getter student coordinator

Sabal Point relied on a combination of things to reach their goals including the fundraising platform, their unique social media promotion and the events that kept everyone excited. Learn more about their efforts and consider how you can apply them to your next fundraiser.

The Platform

Sabal Point Elementary came to Learn2Earn for their fundraising needs. Learn2Earn provides an online fundraising platform that allows students raise money by reading books—friends and family pledge x-dollars per book read.

Students track and log their reading in our online platform. After noting their minutes, they’re prompted to answer a grade-specific, common core-aligned question to demonstrate their comprehension of the story.

Combining reading and raising money is not only exciting for schools but for donors as well because they can feel great knowing their donations are motivating students to read more. You can download a free Reading-Raiser starter kit if you’re interested in learning more.

While our platform served as an educational, easy-to-use base for their efforts, it wasn’t the only reason they made such an impact with this fundraiser.

The Social Media Promotion

Whether you work with Learn2Earn or not, promotion is key to your success and one of the best places to promote your efforts is Facebook, where most donors, parents and even students have accounts that they check regularly. Sabal Point made Facebook promotion a priority during their event. “I have held quite a few volunteer positions and Facebook has single-handedly improved response to my events every time. When used for good, Facebook is amazing,” their student coordinator told us.

However, it wasn’t simply being present on social media that made them successful. It’s what they posted and how they interacted with people that were important. They used Facebook as a platform to share important information, including:

  • Event details: Sabal Point used an intro post to explain why they were doing the fundraiser, how long it would last and where people could find more information. They also announced fundraiser events and volunteer opportunities to keep everyone involved.
  • Updates: They shared updates about how much money had been raised and uploaded photos of in-school events.

Sabal Point didn’t just post updates, they created a community by responding to parents and donors who asked questions and made comments as well.

The Events

Fundraiser fatigue can be a problem for schools that run long or frequent fundraisers throughout the school year. Sabal Point organized events and contests to battle this problem, keeping students and faculty excited and interested in the fundraiser. Two of their most creative contests were:

Faculty Duct Taped to a Wall

Students were challenged to gather $40 in pledges over a weekend-long period. Those students who were able to do so were allowed to help tape the school’s Vice Principal to the wall at school. Unsurprisingly this was quite the motivator.

Home Stretch Challenge

Sabal Point kept people excited during the last few days of the fundraiser with a contest to raise a final $10. Those who were able to accomplish this goal put their name in a drawing to throw a pie in the principal’s face.

With both of these contests, students were able to work together toward a fundraising goal as well as a fun goal—taping the vice principal to the wall or throwing a pie in their principal in the face—which helps maintain the excitement.